Kehlani Attempted Suicide After Rumors She Cheated on Kyrie Irving Spread Online

Kehlani and Kyrie Irving

Yesterday the internet was abuzz about rumors that Kyrie Irving‘s girlfriend, R&B singer Kehlani, had cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Canadian rapper “PartyNextDoor.”

It turns out that the rumors were false, and they nearly caused Kehlani to take her own life.

According to Kehlani’s story, she was already broken up with Kyrie when she got back together with PartyNextDoor, but apparently the rumors were too much and nearly drove her over the edge.

Thankfully, she survived her suicide attempt and is in the hospital recovering.  While there, she posted several messages to Instagram, telling her side of the story before bidding adieu to social media forever.

Here’s a look at her Instagram posts, which have since been deleted (along with her account):

Kehlani Suicide 1

Kehlani Suicide 2

Kehlani Suicide 3

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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