Von Miller Is Getting Fined for Farting on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (Video)

von miller

Von Miller is the latest athlete to test the water of mass-marketed fame by appearing on ABC’s dancing contest Dancing with the Stars. But as this clip shows, it might just be a losing proposition, financially.

How so?  Because it turns out that Miller is (apparently) getting fined in $100 increments by his dance instructor every time he farts, shows up late, or takes a break.


Of course, Miller made $15 million last year, so he can probably do whatever his body wants to. If I was him, I would pre-pay to get a discount so the actual cost falls to about $85 per incident.

Now the question is: Does this happen to the other contestants? Is Miller the only one who talks about it? Does it have anything to do with being acclimated to the thin air in Denver?


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