D’Angelo Russell Isolated by Teammates after Leaking Damning Video Featuring Nick Young

russell young

It seems that drama among the LA Lakers isn’t just a result of a franchise-worst record. The young players who make up the backbone of the team’s future roster are acting like…dumb kids. But now the behavior of D’Angelo Russell has caused friction among the players that doesn’t sound like it will be quickly resolved.

Russell apparently made a video of Nick Young discussing a 19-year-old girl that wasn’t his fiancee Iggy Azalea. The video has gone public, and now he’s being ostracized by the team. He’s ignored by the players, and people are even getting up to move when he sits next to them, like Lou Williams recently did when Russell sat next to him in the Laker locker room.

Here’s the video:

Fortunately(?), Iggy is taking it all in stride:

This likely won’t end well for Russell, although it seems to be going okay for Nick Young, the subject.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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