The Lakers Just Can’t Seem To Nail Kobe’s Likeness in Bobblehead Form (Pics)

kobe bobblehead

I don’t know how hard it is to create a bobblehead figure, but I’m guessing it’s roughly as hard as making a balloon animal or dipping a pinecone in glue and covering it in glitter.

That is to say, not extremely difficult.

But the Lakers, like with so many other things this season, just can’t seem to get Kobe’s bobblehead right. Above is the latest iteration, which sorta looks like Michael Jordan after a three-day coke binge. Is it an improvement on their two previous attempts?

No. It is not. All three look like they put some random black dude’s head on Kobe’s body.

Here are the earlier swings-and-misses, courtesy of TMZ:

0330-kobe-bryant-bobblehead-lakers-sub-tmz-twitter-3Also, I know this is picky, but I think his head is disproportionately large. Tone that down, guys. A bobblehead is most fun when it’s demonstrating realistic body measurements!


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