Courtney Lee Chases Down LeBron James, Surprises Him with a Monster Block (Video)

courtney lee

LeBron James is known for going hard to the hoop, but sometimes during fastbreaks, speed can be a greater asset than strength. The Hornets’ Courtney Lee proved just that when he caught up with King James and rejected his layup from behind during Sunday’s game between the Cavs and Hornets.

Here’s a video of the feat, which occurred while the Hornets were down a cool 20 points.

You would have thought that a Cavs player would at least yell to LeBron to watch his back…Or, given the chemistry of the Cavs during this bizarre year, maybe you wouldn’t expect that.

It wasn’t a game-winner (the game was already out of hand), but it was one of the few highlights Charlotte could hang their hat on during their 112-103 loss.

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