Gilbert Arenas To Nick Young: “You Gotta Die & Come Back Like Lamar Odom To Get Yo Girl Back”


Former NBA PG Gilbert Arenas has the craziest Instagram posts of any current or former player today. His former teammate with the Washington Wizards Nick Young had his trust broken when current teammate D’Angelo Russell recorded him saying he cheated on his rapper Fiance’ Iggy Azalea.

Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram as he always does and gave Young some advice on how to get his girl back:

“My man @swaggyp1 just hit me up, asking for advice on how to get @thenewclassic back…..NICK!! You gotta DIE and comeback bro,ITS PROVEN to work…when the season over with,take yo ass to the #bunnyRanch and ask for the (lamar odom presidential #BrothelPackage)tell them u need to die and comeback for the (twofifty) then text her #ManImDead hahaha you follow this advice,you and #iggy will be holding hands in public by the summer….#GoFundNickSexBrothel coming soon”


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