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Dexter Fowler’s Daughter Is Latest Adorable Sports Baby to Take Internet by Storm (Video + Pics)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 7, 2016

You like adorable sports babies like Riley Curry and Derrick Rose Jr.? Well get ready, because Dexter Fowler‘s daughter Naya is absolutely ridiculous.

Naya is two, which has been scientifically proven to be the cutest age. So her mom—that would be Dexter Fowler’s hot wife, Darya—makes sure to load tons of cute pictures and videos of baby girl on The Gram.

Here she is getting excited about seeing daddy on TV while the Cubs were playing the Angels the other day, because apparently she’s too cute for bedtime:

I can’t get enough lol @csnchicago

A video posted by Darya Aliya Fowler (@daryaaliyafowler) on

You like that one? Then check this one out:

This little rascal gets to stay up past her bedtime to watch her daddy

A video posted by Darya Aliya Fowler (@daryaaliyafowler) on

Here’s a pic of little Naya in her adorable ballet getup:

Here’s one of her doing an adorable workout with dad:

Bring baby to work day. Kettle bell replacement

A photo posted by Darya Aliya Fowler (@daryaaliyafowler) on

Here’s a shot of the whole adorable family hanging out at Wrigley Field:

Already missing baseball season!

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And here’s another video of Naya just being adorable:


A video posted by Darya Aliya Fowler (@daryaaliyafowler) on

Why isn’t there a reality show about Riley Curry, Derrick Rose Jr., and Naya Fowler running a cake shop or something? Don’t tell me “labor laws” or “the economic exploitation of children is wrong.” People would watch that.