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Someone Found a New Easter Egg in ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’ (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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In case you thought that Mike Tyson’s Punch Out had very few secrets or surprises for the world 30 years after its release…you’re pretty much right. But it did surprise us this week after a Redditor found a “tell” in the game that lets you know exactly when to knock your opponent out.

Is it an Easter Egg? I don’t know. That’s for the nerds to decide. But it is a cool glitch to exploit. It turns out the fan in the beard ducks when an attack is coming. And that’s when you’re supposed to punch.

In sum: Watch the bearded man, win the game.

Take a look here:

So if you’ve been trying to find a way to beat this game for 30 years, I admire your tenacity. This might be of some help.