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Former NFL QB Vince Young Countersuing Woman For Lying About Assaulting Her

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Sunday, April 17, 2016
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NFL quarterback Vince Young is trying to fight the good fight by countersuing a woman who said he assaulted her back in 2013, claiming the entire story is a complete lie and he wants the court to order her to pay damages for the harm to his reputation and job prospects.

The woman is suing Young for $250K in their original suit. Bossip has the details:

“The ex-NFL star explained he was hired by a sports event ticketing company to host celebrities at the company’s luxury suites at the 2014 Final Four championship in Texas. During the course of the weekend, both him and the plaintiff along with two other “hosts” from the event went out to another event together in an Uber vehicle.
Young said he never touched or pulled her hair in the car … and everyone in the car backs him up. The following morning Cayo talked to the same people in the group and never mentioned she was hurt or any altercation.
He accused Cayo of making up the entire story, and due to her defamatory statements online his existing business relationships have been harmed. Further, he claimed he may lose out on prospective work assignments and his ability to continue to be employed. He is demanding the woman be ordered to pay damages for her lies and for the harm she did to his reputation.”