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EBAY Users Selling Kobe Bryant’s ‘Air’, ‘Tears’, & ‘Poop’ From His Last Game

by: Black Adam Schefter On  Sunday, April 17, 2016
Tags:  Ebay   Kobe Bryant  

First reaction you might have to a bunch of EBAY users selling Kobe Bryant’s ‘Air & ‘Tears’ from his last game is, “Say what?” Then, “Damn, I wish I had thought of this.”

The hottest ticket in town was Kobe Bryant‘s last game vs. the Utah Jazz last Wednesday, when he scored 60 points. ¬†So naturally, fans are looking for anyway possible to cash in on that affair.

That includes blowing air in a ziploc bag and selling it on EBAY as Kobe’s, because why the hell not:


Another one.

Another one.

Another one.


Maybe you’re a fan of liquid and want some of Kobe’s tears:

download (40)


How about some of Kobe’s excrement from his last game:

download (41)


Thirsty, maybe? How about some Water from Kobe’s last game:

download (42)