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Australian Soccer Player Snaps After Fan Goes for Handshake Only to Dab in His Face (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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australian soccer player lashed out when fan dabs in his face

Australian soccer player Daniel Georgievski of the Melbourne Victory was the butt of a young fan’s joke after a 2-1 loss to the Brisbane Roar on Friday night. And he did not appreciate it.

Following the game, Georgievski walked over to a group of supporters standing near the field to hand out some high fives, but one of those supporters had other ideas. When Georgievski reached out to that kid, he dabbed in Georgievski’s face.

What happened next is a little hard to see in the video, but it’s clear Georgievski was pissed. You can see his teammates have to hold him back, and some people on social media say he shoved the fan.

Take a look:

It’s hard to blame Georgievski for being angry. It was pretty cool of him to stop and greet fans after a frustrating loss, and this kid just trolled the hell out of him.

That said, it’s possible frustration had been building in Georgievski for quite some time. If the recent conversation about his performance on Twitter is any indication, he’s been taking a lot of shite from fans.

The Australian Football Federation says they’ve heard about the incident with the fan and are looking into it. Hopefully Georgievski won’t be penalized too severely. The fan was being a douche.

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