Clearly Delusional Broncos Fan Starts Petition to Bring Back Tim Tebow

tim tebow

Denver, despite being the reigning Super Bowl champs, are in kind of a weird place, having lost their two quarterbacks that brought them glory last year. The secondary market for QBs is looking bleaker and bleaker as the days go by, and rather than sit around and hope, one fan is getting very proactive.

Of course, that enthusiasm is probably grossly misguided, but it’s enthusiasm, nonetheless. You see, the fan has started a petition to bring Tim Tebow back to the Denver Broncos.

I’m not sure what Tim Tebow has been up to (probably still working a desk at SEC Network?) but I doubt he’s in better playing shape than he was when the Broncos released him. Nonetheless, the guy starting the petition brings up the usual language. (“He just wins,” that type of stuff.)

He also includes a hashtag, #tebowtime, that no one will ever use unironically.

Check out the petition here, and sign it at your peril.


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