Eagles RB Ryan Mathews’ ‘Instagram GF’ Puts Him On Blast For Cheating With Groupies


This is actually quite hilarious that an ‘Instagram Model/Extreme selfie taker’ is calling other women groupies when that is exactly what an Instagram model is.

On Thursday, a chick who thought she was in a serious relationship with Philadelphia Eagles RB Ryan Mathews took to Instagram to call him out for his cheating ways.

Ryan Mathews’ former GF ‘Bunnikay’ had this to say on Instagram:

“Happy one year anniversary to the biggest lying cheating scumbag I ever met. Hope you have a lovely life with your groupies … thanks for the migraine. PHILLY GIRLS LOOK WHOSE ON THE MARKET! Flock to him please! what a gem.”


More pictures of ‘Bunnikay'(via her Instagram page):

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