Oh, Man…The NFL Is Now Recruiting Babies As Life-Long Fans (Video)

newborn fan club

In case you thought the NFL was fine just going after kids who are starting to get interested in sports, you’d be wrong.  Apparently, the league is getting a little more aggressive in their recruitment of fans by targeting newborns.

Sure, a newborn infant or toddler’s fandom isn’t worth much to the league in and of itself, but once they’ve got ya hooked…you’re theirs.

With this in mind, the NFL has started a moderately creepy program called the “Newborn Fan Club,” in which the league will give parents (and the baby, I guess) a digital birth certificate that shows the baby’s name and their “favorite” team’s logo.

Of course, to request one of these things, parents need to submit their contact information and some info about the kid—whatever info is available on a newborn, anyway.

Here’s one of the league’s ads for their “Newborn Fan Club”:

Can we make a rule that the league isn’t able to recruit or pander to people that are either too old or too young to control when they go to the bathroom? It just seems fair.

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