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Laremy Tunsil’s Former Financial Advisor Suspected of Leaking Weed Video

by: JamieD On  Saturday, April 30, 2016

NFL Draft

Everyone has been talking about the Laremy Tunsil video that appeared on his Twitter account just minutes before the start of this year’s NFL Draft, which showed the former Ole Miss offensive tackle taking a hit from a bong mask.

The video did a great deal of damage to Tunsil’s draft stock—he fell to the 13th spot, where he was taken by the Miami Dolphins—but how exactly did it get out in the first place?  Tunsil obviously didn’t post it himself.  So who did?

It appears as though we may be getting closer to an answer.  According to Dolphins sources, the video may have been leaked by a former financial advisor of Tunsil’s:

If this is true, then Tunsil’s former financial advisor, the man who was supposed to save him money, just cost him millions. Go figure.

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