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These Fired-Up Heat Fans Didn’t Realize a Dunk After a Whistle Doesn’t Count (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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mcroberts dunk

Miami fans have taken a lot of flack for being among the weakest in sports, and these two guys certainly won’t help with that stereotype. After a powerful dunk by big man Josh McRoberts, two guys who had the luxury of sitting baseline for last night’s game seemed to break into epileptic fits of joy.

The only problem was that there had been a very audible whistle prior, so the basket didn’t count, and the exaltation was all for nothing. Well, not for nothing. I mean, we’re enjoying it right now, arent we?

Here’s the video. Soak in the ridiculousness:

BOOM. (Now sit back down, gentlemen.)

They look like the type of guys that would call out “three seconds!” every time the opposing team has the ball on offense. Maybe they can use this as a learning experience.