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Curry Responds To LeBron’s MVP Comments: ‘I’ve Gotten Really Good At Ignoring People’ (Video)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Friday, May 13, 2016

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

I really hope these two teams meet once again in the NBA Finals this year. Few days ago, Stephen Curry became the first ever unanimous MVP in league history. Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James threw a little shade towards the back-to-back MVP with his comments when asked about it.

“Look at Steph’s numbers,” James said on Wednesday. ”He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40 (shooting percentages from the free-throw line, field, and 3-pointers), and they won 73 (games). So, I don’t, do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award? But when you talk about most ‘valuable’ then you can have a different conversation, so, take nothing away from him, he’s definitely deserving of that award, for sure.”


The two-time MVP responded back to the king on Friday.

“I’ve gotten really good at ignoring people,” Curry said. “That is the theme of the last two years. So I’m alright.”