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Minor League Manager Loses His Mind Disputing a Call (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, May 26, 2016
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I guess when you’re in the minor leagues, you need more than quiet success to make a name for yourself. So Joe Mikulik, the manager of the AA Frisco Roughriders, is known as the guy who totally loses his s*** when arguing calls.

One of his players got called out for using an illegal slide against the Tulsa Drillers, and Mikulik didn’t agree with that call. No sir. Not at all. In fact, he stormed out onto the field, tossed his helmet, got ejected, then demonstrated what he thought a legal slide looked like (TWICE!), then punted his helmet and second base into the outfield.

Remarkably, the umpires didn’t reverse their call after Mikulik’s efforts. But the crowd got a pretty good show:

And, in case that wasn’t enough petulant action for you, here’s another incident featuring the same manager: