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Jon Jones Says He Is ‘Balls Deep’ In Daniel Cormier’s Head After His Instagram Post (Video)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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On Monday, MMA star Daniel Cormier took to Instagram to post a video of himself hitting a punching bag with Jon Jones’ bloody face on it. Just a little over a month away from their UFC 200 bout, Jon Jones couldn’t help but respond back to Cormier via Instagram.

“It’s good to see you enjoying your last days as paper champ Daniel. I was actually planning on leaving you alone and letting you enjoy them with your family, then you had to go and put this weird shit on the Internet. It’s obvious I’m balls deep in your head right now, but you can pause with all that groping there pussy boy. You’ll be getting your ass kicked soon enough, just really hoping these aren’t your tactics for UFC 200. See you soon buddy, train smart. Don’t need you pulling out again. ~The actual light heavyweight champion”