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Jason Kipnis Destroys Ketchup During Hot Dog Race (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jason Kipnis hits Ketchup

I’m pretty sure those mascot races that Major League Baseball teams put on between innings are fixed, but despite that, they still manage to provide some authentic highlights every once in a while.

Take last night’s game between the Texas Rangers and the Cleveland Indians, for example. During the Indians’ Sugardale Hot Dog Race, ketchup appeared to be on the verge of cruising to a victory over mustard and relish, but that was before he ran into a brick wall named Jason Kipnis.

The collision appeared to be accidental, but that didn’t stop the Indians’ second baseman from taunting ketchup afterwards.  I bet he’s more of a mustard guy anyways.

Fortunately for ketchup, he was able to get back up and finish the race in first place.