Miss Alabama on Muhammad Ali's Legacy
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Miss Alabama Was Asked About Muhammad Ali’s Legacy at 2016 Miss USA Pageant, and Her Answer Was Terrible (Video)

by: Esteban On  Monday, June 6, 2016

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You know how, at beauty pageants, they ask the contestants questions about social issues and current events so as to prove the contestant actually know how to think and talk? And you know how sometimes the Q&A portion of these contests go horribly wrong?

Well, the Q&A portion of the 2016 Miss USA pageant on Sunday went terribly wrong. Pageant officials had one of the judges ask Miss Alabama Peyton Brown what should be remembered most about the legacy of the late Muhammad Ali, and Miss Alabama clearly knew nothing about the guy.

“I think that Muhammad Ali was obviously amazing at what he did,” said Brown. “Um, I just think we should remember, you know, to go for success and do what you can to be on top. I think he lived by that and he was so successful in his sport and, yeah, never give up, reach your dreams.”

Take a look:

Obviously, Miss Alabama’s answer wasn’t nearly as bad as the infamous “like such as in South Africa and the Iraq” answer from Miss Teen USA 2007. But she probably wouldn’t have known Muhammad Ali was an athlete if they hadn’t said he was a boxer, and she definitely had no idea of his social and political significance.

So thanks for that, Miss USA.

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