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Rapper Future Threatens Russell Wilson with Line About “Baby Mama” Ciara on New Track (

by: Esteban On  Monday, June 27, 2016

future threatens russell wilson on new track

Russell Wilson better look out. His fiancée’s baby daddy appears to be holding a grudge.

Wilson’s fiancée, of course, is Ciara, the R&B singer, and her baby daddy is rapper Future. On a new track entitled “Juice,” which apparently is mostly about O.J. Simpson, Future seems to threaten Wilson.

“Tryin’ to f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you?” Future spits. “You gon’ make me get a heat, I’m pullin’ up on you.”

Take a listen:

Now, to be fair, Future does have four children by four different women. It’s possible he’s talking about one of the other three and not Ciara, who got engaged to Wilson in March. But given Ciara is Future’s most recent baby mama, and that the two were actually engaged, and that they had a very acrimonious breakup, you kinda have to assume he’s talking about her, and therefore Russell Wilson.

Way to go, Future. You totally blew your chance of being in a Bose commercial

Hat Tip – [TMZ]