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Former Duke Star Christian Laettner Files For Bankruptcy; $14 Million in Debt

by: Black Adam Schefter On  Wednesday, July 6, 2016

1. Christian Laettner

Former Duke star, Christian Laettner, who made his name being one of the most hated college basketball players of all-time, is reportedly in financial debt.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Laettner owes creditors $14M after a series of failed business ventures. This comes months after finishing a development in Downtown Durham which sold for $187 million and Laettner being listed as a partner with Fuller St. Development who received $28 million of said settlement.

Below is the current list of which people/companies are seeking repayment:

  • National Servicing & Administration, a limited liability corporation based in Minnesota, where Laettner played for the Timberwolves in the NBA: $7,321,230
  •  Ernest Sims, III, a former Detroit Lions linebacker: $1,482,730
  •  Jonathan C. Stewart, a Carolina Panthers running back: $3,629,230
  •  Park Lane, a sports investment firm started by Andrew Kline, who played for the St. Louis Rams.: $236,193; and
  • D&F DCU LLC: $1,382,545

Yes, you read that correctly, he owes Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart over $3 million.

Laettner’s lawyer had this to say:

“We are optimistic that the funds from the sale of the West Village can be used to reach a global resolution with all of Christian’s creditors,” said Hassan Zavareei, a Washington-based lawyer representing Laettner. “As such, the negotiations are ongoing.”

Laettner earned over $61 million as an NBA player, but he has been on the receiving end of many lawsuits since his playing days.

“In 2012, he was sued for $30 million by former Chicago Bulls stalwart Scottie Pippen and others. Shawne Merriman, a former San Diego Charger and Buffalo Bill, also has had to go to court to pursue money he loaned Laettner.”