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Lindsey Vonn Was Thirsty as Hell for J.J. Watt on the ESPYs Red Carpet (Video)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 14, 2016

lindsey vonn j.j. watt groin massages espys red carpet

If you were kind of half-watching the ESPYs red carpet pre-show while doing dishes last night and you perked up because you could have sworn you heard Lindsey Vonn make a joke about handjobs, no, you’re not crazy. That really did happen.

During the ESPY’s pre-show, ESPN’s Hannah Storm pulled J.J. Watt and Vonn aside for a red carpet interview. Storm asked Watt how he was able to play so well last season despite suffering so many injuries, and Watt started giving a pretty stereotypical answer, giving credit to the Houston Texans’ medical team and training staff.

Then, out of nowhere, Vonn interjected with her own theory. With a devilish little look on her face, Vonn said Watt owed his success to lots of “massages in the groin area.”

Take a look:

So yeah, turns out Lindsey Vonn isn’t just a world champion skier. She’s also a world champion perv. All of a sudden her relationship with legendary hornball Tiger Woods makes so much more sense.

Hopefully J.J. Watt followed up with Vonn once the cameras were off.

Hat Tip – [@DefPenSports]