Lou Holtz Is Not A Fan Of Immigrants Who Refuse To Learn English & ‘Become Us’


On Monday, legendary Notre Dame coach, current College Football analyst and Trump supporter Lou Holtz was seen walking around the Republican National Convention with a bottle of crown royal.

Holtz was probably still tipsy the next day, because he had a lot to say about immigrants while speaking at a luncheon.

Via The Daily Beast:

Speaking at a luncheon the Republican National Coalition for Life hosted during the RNC to honor Phyllis Schlafly, Holtz said the high number of immigrants coming to the U.S. constitutes an “invasion.” And he said new immigrants need to assimilate better. Holtz added that his grandparents learned English after immigrating to the U.S. from Ukraine, and insisted his family learn it as well. New immigrants to this country, he continued, need to learn and speak English and “become us.”

“I don’t want to become you,” he continued. “I don’t want to speak your language, I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team!”

The crowd laughed and applauded.

Old Lou wasn’t finished just yet as he dove right into welfare and bumper stickers:

“A lot of people make a living by the way they vote,” Holtz said. “Forty-seven percent of people make a living by the way they vote.”
“They can make a living by the way they vote,” he continued, “but they can’t make a life.”
Holtz also said he has to park his van in the back of his church’s parking lot and back it into a spot there because it sports a bumper sticker that embarrasses his wife. He said the sticker is directed at some of his golf buddies, and reads, “Jesus loves you. Everybody else thinks you’re an asshole.”

He took one last shot at the violence in Chicago as well:

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