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Twins Fooled Into Reporting Made-Up Trades by Fake Twitter Account (Video)

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 29, 2016

Twins Fooled Into Reporting Made-Up Trades by Fake Twitter Account (Video)

Here’s a pro tip for all you Twitter users out there: when reading tweets by famous people, always look for the blue checkmark to make sure that it’s their official account.

The scoreboard operator for the Minnesota Twins did not do that on Thursday night. During the Twinkies’ game against the Orioles, one of the LED boards at Target Field reported a bunch of pretty big deadline trades. It said the Yankees sent Carlos Beltran to the Indians, the A’s sent Josh Reddick to the Dodgers, the Angels sent Huston Street to the Nats, and the Royals sent Edinson Volquez to the Dodgers.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, none of those trades actually happened. They were all completely made up and tweeted by a fake Buster Olney account.
fake buster olney twitter account

The Indians thought the flub by their division rivals was pretty funny:

They even updated their Twitter bio accordingly:

twins fooled indians respond
At time of writing, Carlos Beltran, Josh Reddick, Huston Street, and Edinson Volquez are still playing for the Yankees, A’s, Angels, and Royals respectively. But the actual deadline isn’t until Monday, so there’s still time for the fake trades to become real.

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