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L.A. Bar Using Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner to Identify Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In a move that’s probably going to create some sort of mild controversy for reasons that no one can fully explain, the Nickel Bar in West LA is using pics of a before-and-after reassignment surgery by Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to mark the men’s and women’s restroom.

Clever? Eh, not really, but mildly interesting, I suppose. They use perhaps the two best-known pics of the former athlete. The Wheaties box that shows the decathlete in action and the Vanity Fair cover that served as Caitlyn’s coming out.

Here’s a pic:


There’s the obvious question of taste and sensitivity in doing something like this, but above all, do you really want giant pics of Caitlyn and/or Bruce Jenner hanging up in your bar?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]