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Jason Garrett Says ‘Screw It’ Over Cowboys QB Issues, Takes Snaps Himself at Camp (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, August 5, 2016
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With Kellen Moore out for a stretch with a broken ankle, and Tony Romo just a stiff breeze away from shattering his spine (or whatever) again, the Cowboys are pretty desperate for a QB ASAP.

But maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem, because COACH JASON GARRETT USED TO BE A QB ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO!

So, naturally, the mediocre head coach/3rd-stringer for the Cowboys took some snaps for the team.

Not bad. I don’t know how quick he’ll be out of the pocket, but assuming Ezekiel Elliott can make it through his legal issues (pretty much a Cowboy rite of passage), the Cowboys QB can afford to be a little flat-footed.