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France’s Yohann Diniz Soiled Himself While Leading Men’s 50km Walk (Pics)

by: JamieD On  Friday, August 19, 2016
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French Runner Poop Himself

Everyone dreams of leading a big race at the Olympics. I doubt during any of those dreams we’ve imagined ourselves sh*ting our pants in front of millions.

France’s Yohann Diniz probably never envisioned such a moment as he prepared for his 50km walk at the 2016 Rio Games, but there he was, with the race lead and a stream of poop running down his leg as the world looked on:

He even tried to clean himself with a sponge:

Unfortunately, the sponge didn’t help and the poop slowed him down enough to drop him back into seventh place.

Matej Tóth from Slovakia didn’t sh*t his pant, and he also wound up taking home the gold.

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