Olympic Visitors Apologize for Ryan Lochte on a Giant White Board at the Airport (Pic)


Clearly, the U.S. is a little embarrassed, not only by Ryan Lochte’s behavior while drunk, but his insensitive and misguided actions in covering up his drunkenness and vandalism. However, many better-behaved visitors to the Olympics, especially American ones, took an opportunity to let the world and host city Rio know, “Hey, we’re not all like that. And we’re ashamed of what Ryan Lochte did.”

At the airport, there’s a giant marker board that was put up for the Olympics. Guests can write messages about their time in the city and leave pleasant thoughts. Or, like so many have, they can write an apology on behalf of their country for what Ryan Lochte did, dragging the host city’s name through the mud.

Here’s a shot of the wall:

“Sorry about Ryan Lochte.”

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

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