Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Compared Black Lives Matter to KKK in Facebook Rant

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Indians

Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger got himself in a bit of trouble when he took to Twitter to voice his opinion about Black Lives Matter and black people getting shot by police.




Those tweets got him suspended for the remainder of the season, which will cost him approximately $32,000 of his $516,000 salary this season.

Apparently, that wasn’t the first time he went off about Black Lives Matter, because a friend of Steve Clevenger took a screenshot of a since-deleted post back on August 30th of him going off again and comparing BLM to the KKK.

How dare I get mad at our country that gives free Obama phones out while I bust my ass. I come from the inner city. My mother taught me not to be a lazy ass. She taught me to work hard for things and it’s paid off. Now I gotta pay tons of taxes in which I’m ok with paying my (fair) share. And for what? To watch these black lives matter group bitch that their treated unfair! They get shot holding guns and still protest. And people on here have the audacity to tell me that this country is great right now haha. What a joke. Like I said before if follow BLM your trash to me. It’s a racial group no different from the kkk. But they allow them to tear down their own cities and violate white people with no consequences. And the reason is because there’s white people like you support them.”


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