Orioles P Wade Miley Caught Flipping Paul Goldschmidt The Bird Because He Ruined Shut-Out (Video)


Baltimore Orioles left-hander Wade Miley pitched an absolute gem of a game on Saturday, nearly tossing a complete-game shutout against the Arizona Diamondbacks before his good friend Paul Goldschmidt scored his team’s only run.

Miley was pulled from the game with two outs in the ninth inning, and the camera panned into the Orioles dugout and caught Miley letting Goldschmidt know just what he thought about him messing up his shutout.

Unfortunately for Miley, he was caught shooting the bird on live television.

“He’s just so good I just shot him the bird. He made eye contact with me. We have a pretty good relationship, so I think it’s OK,” Miley told reporters after the game. “I apologize to everyone but Paul.”

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