Michael Irvin To NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund: ‘I Love Pulling My Stick Out Around You’

michael irvin hall of fame jacket

There’s a bunch of ways to shoot your shot at the opposite sex in hopes of trying to score, but this is not one of them.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin learned the hard way that you should never come at a lady like this, despite good intentions.

On Sunday, NFL Network personality Cynthia Frelund posted a selfie pick with Irvin, with the below caption:

“Pretty sure @michaelirvin88 is the only person that makes a selfie stick cool.”


Seemed innocent enough until Irvin replied to that tweet in the most cringe-worthy way imaginable.


After receiving crap about it on Twitter, he tried his best to explain he was simply talking about the Selfie stick.


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