Jags Fan Caught Making ‘Groin Adjustment’ on Live TV (Video)


No one ever accused football fans, especially Jags fans, of being the classiest lot.  But I don’t think even this dude knew that cameras were on him when he was rooting around his swim trunks for…reasons unknown.

EverBank field has a pool that fans can swim in as they watch the game. That’s plenty gross all on its own, but when you couple it with a fan like this, who’s clearly putting his hand down his swim trunks with purpose, it’s a good enough reason to not only destroy the pool, but possibly the stadium and the franchise as well.

Here it is:

Welp, it should just be a matter of hours before we get a positive ID on the guy and some reporter asks him what he was really doing in there. Not that we want to know…

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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