John Wall Fires Back at People Who Had a Problem With Him Wearing A Cowboys Jersey (Video)


During week 2 of the young NFL season, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall was spotted at FedEx Field with a vintage Emmitt Smith jersey.  Not surprisingly, Washington Redskins fans lost their minds on social media as the team got ready to face their hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.


While speaking with  CSN’s Chris Miller, John Wall wanted to set the record straight that he meant no disrespect to Redskins fans, but he was merely supporting the team he grew up cheering for.

“I can see if I wore a Cowboys jersey with a Dez Bryant or Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliott, one of the current guys,” Wall said. “I wore a legendary guy, but it’s my team … when they’re not playing each other, I cheer for the Redskins because it’s a D.C. team.” “I’m not from Washington, D.C.,” Wall argued. “I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, and the Cowboys have always been my team. I respect and love every team and cheer for every team and hope every team in Washington, D.C. do well just like they do for us. You can say ‘Well DeSean Jackson likes this L.A. team, the Lakers.’ Well, he’s from L.A. He’s not from Washington, D.C.; he just plays for the Redskins. “So it was no disrespect; it’s just my favorite team, and everybody understands and know that.”


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