Man Spent $26,000 on Surgeries to Look Like David Beckham, and…He Came Up a Little Short (Video)


Chances are, if you don’t already look like a 95% match of a celebrity, paying a ton of money to get cut up to look like that celebrity is not going to go very well. We’ve seen it before, and now we’re seeing it with Jack Johnson, who spent $26,000 to look like English soccer star David Beckham.

Only he DOESN’T look like David Beckham at all now. He looks like a giant man-baby with a bizarre haircut who’s been covered in makeup.

Here’s a video of Jack explaining his bizarre decision:

As if this story wouldn’t be dumb enough, the guy, who’s only 19, is unemployed and living off welfare, which sorta makes me wonder how he got the cash to do this. Despite his relative poverty, he thinks when his transformation is complete he’ll be hanging out with Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Simon Cowell.

Well, maybe he’ll be hanging out with their cheap plastic surgery knock-offs.

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