Former NFL Player Tom Crabtree Asked Fans to Commemorate His Forgettable Career with Photoshop, and They Did (Tweets)

Tom Crabtree

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Former NFL tight end Tom Crabtree was not a great football player. I mean, he played in the NFL, which means he was better than like 99.99% of the planet. But among NFL players he was not particularly good. The guy retired last year at the age of 30 with just 22 career receptions, 18 of which came with the Packers.

However, while Crabtree may not have been that great at football, he is excellent at social media. Since retiring the guy has become one of the most honest, candid, and hilarious former pros on Twitter. As a result Crabtree has over 120,000 followers, which is pretty good for a guy with 323 career receiving yards.

On Tuesday, Crabtree stumbled across a tweet by the Giants’ Odell Beckham with an infographic celebrating the fact that he reached 200 career receptions faster than any other player in NFL history.

Inspired, Crabtree asked his followers to come up with an infographic celebrating his own forgettable NFL career.

Needless to say, his followers came through big time. Take a look:

Well done, internet.

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