David Ortiz Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver, Complete with a Wig and Sunglasses (Video)


It’s pretty tough to believe that most Boston residents wouldn’t notice David Ortiz if they got a good look at him. But apparently, when you toss him in a wig and shades and make him a Lyft driver, no one gives him a second glance.

He’s unnoticed to the point that he keeps asking people about Big Papi, and the riders respond still blissfully unaware that he’s the very guy driving them around.

Here’s the clip:

What’s most remarkable is how people didn’t get the hint when they’re asked (presumably) to sit in the front seat. I know that’s Lyft’s “thing,” but it seems like the back spot is much preferred so you don’t have to carry on conversations with your driver.

But I guess having David Ortiz silently drive people around Boston wouldn’t make for a great video, even if I think it sounds hilarious.

See Shaq and Richard Sherman pull this same stunt as well.

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