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The Thief Who Stole Jose Fernandez’s High School Jersey During Vigil Anonymously Returned It

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Friday, September 30, 2016
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On Wednesday, a vigil was held for Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez by his former high school after he tragically lost his life along with two others in a boating accident early Sunday morning.

Anastasia Dawson of the Tampa Bay Times covered the vigil on Wednesday and was notified the next day that the jersey Fernandez wore, which was displayed in the dugout, was stolen by some cold-hearted crook. 


On Friday, Hillsborough County Public Schools stated in a press conference that the jersey was anonymously returned on Thursday.

Officials said a family saw a large envelope leaning up against the ticket booth at Alonso High School with the words ”Jose’s jersey” written on it. The family took the envelope into to the school Friday morning. The jersey was inside.”