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Report: Giants Will Bench & Suspend Odell Beckham if Behavior Continues

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Thursday, October 6, 2016

Odell Beckham sideline rant

Looks as if the New York Giants have finally had enough.

According to two coaches who spoke to SB Nation’s Thomas George, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is one more temper tantrum away from getting benched and suspended by the team until he can control his emotions and not hurt the team anymore.

“Here is where the Giants are with Odell Beckham, Jr. –€” another meltdown at Green Bay on Sunday night and he will be benched. And depending on the severity of it, he could be suspended by the team for at least one game, maybe two.

Two different Giants coaches told me this on Wednesday. This has been the straight talk, the real talk with Beckham. They do not expect, however, that it will come to this. They think he gets it. They think the worst of his in-game tantrums are over.”

Odell was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after bumping into a referee on Monday during a game against the Minnesota Vikings.  The previous week, he threw a tantrum on the sidelines after Eli threw an interception, which led to Beckham assaulting a kicking net.

Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who coached Beckham in his first two years, has stated that the wide receiver has indeed become a ‘distraction.’ He also said he would love to help him out, which led many to wonder why he did nothing last year when Odell lost his mind during the Carolina Panthers game.

Only time will tell.