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Tom Brady Walks Out of Press Conference When Asked About Donald Trump’s Locker Room Talk (Video)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Wednesday, October 12, 2016
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It was only a matter of time before a reporter attempted to ask New England Patriots QB Tom Brady about his ‘good friend’ Donald Trump and his comments about women back in 2005.

On Wednesday, one reporter threw caution to the wind and asked Brady to comment about the Donald Trump audio where he talks about doing what he wants to women and “grabbing them by the pu$$y” because he’s famous.

“NECN reporter Jonathan Choe asked Tom Brady how his children would respond to “Donald Trump’s version of locker room talk.” Before walking off the podium, Brady smiled and said, “Thank you guys. Have a good day.””


Brady’s comments about Donald Trump back in December of 2015:

“Donald is a good friend of mine,” Brady told Boston radio station WEEI in December 2015. “I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends. That is what I have to say. He’s a good friend of mine. He’s always been so supportive of me — for the last 15 years, since I judged a beauty pageant for him, which was one of the very first things that I did that thought was really cool. That came along with winning the Super Bowl. He’s always invited me to play golf. I’ve always enjoyed his company.”