Canadian UFC Fans Threaten to Boycott UFC 206
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Canadian UFC Fans Threaten to Boycott UFC 206 in Toronto if GSP Doesn’t Return

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Canadian UFC Fans Threaten Boycott over GSP

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The long rumored Georges St-Pierre comeback suffered a major setback last week. After several months of dropping hints and talking about possible opponents, GSP got fed up with the UFC’s unwillingness to move forward and proclaimed that he was a free agent no longer under contract with the UFC.

The UFC responded with a statement insisting GSP is not a free agent, and still very much under contract. But then GSP issued a statement saying, in effect, ‘nuh uh no I’m not.’

At this point the details of GSP’s dispute with the UFC remain unclear and we don’t know who to believe. What we do know is that Canadian UFC fans are pissed that the greatest Canadian MMA fighter of all time might not get to make his comeback on Canadian soil at UFC 206. And now some of them are threatening the boycott the event altogether unless the UFC works something out.


UFC 206 is scheduled to take place at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on December 10. As of now, the main event is a light heavyweight rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. We’ll see if that changes in the coming weeks.

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