Obnoxious Poker Player Trash Talks Opponent Into Folding Winning Hand (Video)


Earlier this week, we saw Canadian Griffin Benger cruise to a win in the face of his loudmouth opponent, William Kassouf. While Kassouf is no doubt annoying to watch (and even more so to play), the strategy of annoying your competitors doesn’t always end in defeat. Sometimes, it’s a real asset on your way to victory. 

Check out this clip from earlier in the year, in which Kassouf finds that being an obnoxious blabbermouth does, regrettably, pay off sometimes. Here he is with 0% CHANCE OF WINNING, talking his way into getting his opponent to fold.

Here it is:

Kinda makes your skin crawl after he won that hand, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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