5-Year-Old Gets Custom Birthday Cake With A Message For Tom Brady

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What better way to uplift a kid’s spirit after the New England Patriots dropped 40+ on the Buffalo Bills than by buying that 5-year-old kid a custom birthday cake.

It wasn’t just any cake, either.  This cake had a message for New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.


The Bills fan that sent the photo to Deadspin provided this bit of info about the cake:

“My son is turning 5, and he and I go to the local Bills bar/restaurant to catch the games each Sunday. My wife helped me create this masterpiece of a cake for the Patriots game today. It was a big hit – and no, he can’t read yet, so he didn’t know what it said.”


When he’s 17 and sees this photo, hopefully he’ll be able to have a laugh about it.  A playoff appearance or two from the Bills could help make that easier.

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