Nevada Brothel That Odom OD’d at Offers Raiders Players & Staff 50% Off Sex Parties


The Nevada brothel where former NBA player Lamar Odom overdosed and almost died at is once again back in the news, but this time it’s because they’re offering up some women to a football team.

The Oakland Raiders may be playing in Las Vegas in the future and Love Ranch brothel wants to jump in on the possible clientele by offering half price sex parties.

TMZ spoke with Brothel owner Dennis Hof:

“The offer comes from Dennis Hof … owner of Nevada’s infamous Love Ranch … who says he’s so stoked about the potential Raiders move to Vegas he wants to seal the deal … by throwing in some ass.

“All Raiders players and staff will receive 50% sex parties at the Love Ranch Vegas.”

It’s called the “Home Team Advantage Sex Package” and you read right, video coordinators and equipment dudes … it’s for ALL STAFF, so you’re good to go too!!!

If you think it’s all about debauchery Hof says it isn’t … saying that having a place the players can go and get their swerve on discretely might avoid some Warren Sapp/Greg Anthony situations.

“Our player relations group will help keep their trysts legal and secret.”

There’s no way this could end badly.

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