High School Cheerleaders Hold “Trail of Tears” Banner Before Game Against Team with Indian Mascot (Pic)


On Friday night the McClain High Tigers took on the Hillsborough High Indians in Hillsborough, Ohio. Incredibly, the cheerleaders for the visiting McClain Tigers held up a banner before the game that read, “Hey Indians, Get Ready for a Trail of Tears Part 2.”

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in American History back in high school, the “Trail of Tears” refers to a series of forced removals of Native Americans from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to reservations west of the Mississippi following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The U.S. military and various state militias forced over 40,000 Native Americans to vacate their lands in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and North Carolina and make an 800-mile trek to Oklahoma between 1830 and 1850. An estimated 8,000-12,000 Cherokees and Choctaws died along the way from exposure, disease, and starvation—all because the United States government wanted their land.

This is not a case of political correctness run amok. This is a seriously hurtful “joke.”

Over the weekend McClain High School issued an official apology on its website:

At the final varsity football game of the year, a horrific mistake was made. A sign was created out of ignorance, not hate. There are no words to express our deepest sympathy to those of Native American and African American descent. We also owe a sincere apology to the communities, families and students of Hillsboro, Greenfield, and beyond. We are currently completing an internal investigation of how this deplorable situation arose. We will take appropriate steps once we have all of the necessary information. By partnering with local organizations, McClain High School will immediately use this moment to further educate our students on the atrocities faced by both the Native American and African American cultures.

Despite the school’s statement, it seems racial insensitivity is an ongoing problem at McClain high.

After the photo of the cheerleader banner went viral, a number of internet sleuths noted that the photo gallery on the school’s website contained a number of photos of students wearing incredibly inappropriate Halloween costumes. Those photos have since been quietly deleted, but the folks at Deadspin managed to grab a few of them before they were wiped out.

They include this shot of a white master and his black slave:

As well as this shot of a white cowboy and his Native American slave:

Clearly the kids involved in this situation need a stern talking to. However, the people truly responsible for this disgrace are the people charged with educating them. Where the hell were all the responsible, supposedly highly educated adults when the cheerleaders were making that sign, or when these students were dressing up as masters and slaves for Halloween?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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