Paul Pierce Chills on the Clippers Bench Dressed as Rick James, B*tch (Videos)


In case it wasn’t clear this year, NBA players sure seem to really like Halloween. It seems that every star has been photographed at least once this week wearing a pretty intricate (and mostly, funny) costume.

However, few were as prominent (or as funny, for that matter) as injured Clipper Paul Pierce going full Rick James for his Monday night game. I guess the NBA, unlike the NFL, is willing to allow some leeway in its rules, like the one about sideline attire, for the sake of fun.

Here he is “meeting” Clips owner Steve Ballmer. Breathe him in:

And here’s Pierce re-enacting some ‘Chappelle Show’ action:

I’ll let y’all fill in the caption

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Happy Halloween, gang.

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