Former Pats LB Jamie Collins Gives Up Awful Touchdown vs. Cowboys, Proves Bill Belichick Right (Video)


Last week the New England Patriots traded Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins, a guy widely considered among the top players in the league at his position, to the Cleveland Browns for a measly 3rd round draft pick.

To say the NFL was surprised would be an understatement. Players took to Twitter to express their shock and, in some cases, their outrage that evil football genius Bill Belichick would trade such a talented player for a 3rd round pick.


Of course, with Bill Belichick you know that there’s always some method to the madness. And in this case there were two factors that led to the trade.

First, Collins is going to be a free agent after the season, and according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter he was asking for “Von Miller money.” Second, while Collins may have been a Pro Bowler last season, Belichick was not happy with his play this season.


So how did Jamie Collins do in his first game with the Cleveland Browns? Did he turn in a brilliant, gutsy performance that proved Belichick wrong?

No, he did not. Take a look at the ugly touchdown he gave up to the Cowboys’ Jason Witten:

On the one hand, it’s hard to blame a guy for not having mastered the Browns’ defensive scheme in just five days.

On the other hand…


Dammit, Belichick!

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