Aaron Rodgers Thanks People Who Voted For Him During The Election: ‘It Was Between Me & Harambe’


If you didn’t know, as votes were being counted to determine the next president of the United States, two names popped up a lot as write-ins.

Dead Cincinnati Gorilla, Harambe, who got over 15,000 write-in votes and Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was recently asked about the outcome of the election and spoke on how the country should come together now and how sports can be a welcome distraction to all the stress people are going through.

I knew it was going to be a historic night either way,” Rodgers said. “You have an outsider winning, or the first woman to be president. So I thought it was an important night for our country, and really a message to the establishment, if you’re looking at it from an objective point of view.

“I hope as a country we can now come together and work a little better with each other. Obviously, there were some people who were — rightfully so — worried about the direction of the country now, but I think it’s an important time for us that we come together and figure out how to work with each other.”

“It doesn’t erase anything,” Rodgers said, “that (are) big events that have happened, but I think when you saw President (George W.) Bush throw out the first pitch after 9/11, I just remember that was a powerful time for our country to say, ‘Hey, we’re moving on. We’re getting past this.’ Sports can do that for you at times, but as a country you saw last night, there wasn’t a 50 percent majority winner. It’s a two-party system. There’s binary systems that are built up in this country all over the place to divide us, and I think it’s important especially in this time with our election that we learn how to work with each other.

Sports can bring people together and break down the initial barriers. Obviously, it’s on a way different scale. You’re talking about running a country compared to providing entertainment for people, but we love the opportunity to do what we do and inspire people, and hope we can all move forward together and get this thing going in the right direction.”

Rodgers then spoke about receiving votes and coming in second to Harambe.

“I just want to thank all the voters out there who did vote for me,” Rodgers said. “I know for some people it was between me and Harambe. I think I finished second in that vote.”


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