Kevin Hart Portrays Every Host on ‘Inside the NBA’ in This Hilarious Clip (Video)


I’m not sure when Kevin Hart finds time to sleep, but I’m glad that he uses seemingly every one of his waking hours to create something funny. This time around, the sports obsessive donned the bald caps and prosthetics necessary to play each member of TNT’s studio show Inside the NBA.

And he did a damn good job. It’s not perfect. In fact, none of the characters are perfectly mimicked, but they’re all so weird and funny that it’s hard not to laugh.

Take a look at the clip here:

Classic….. #ComedicRockStarShit

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I mean, his “White guy” voice sounds nothing like EJ, but that just makes it funnier somehow. He sounds like a 13-year-old playing Xbox. Let’s see him do a whole Thursday night as these characters. I doubt that’s possible when the show’s live, but let’s give it a shot!

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